Upcoming and archived recordings, transcripts and presentations of ETA webinars and other events.

Upcoming Events

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    Start Date: 10/18/2018
    End Date: 10/18/2018
    Time: 2:00 PM ~ 3:30 PM ET

    Substance abuse, and in particular opioid misuse and addiction, is a national epidemic.  Drug overdoses killed about 72,000 Americans last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 

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    Start Date: 10/24/2018
    End Date: 10/24/2018
    Time: 4:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM ET

    Adult students bring their life and work experience to the classroom and need differentiated approaches to teaching methods, delivery models, and student supports to flourish.  This webinar will focus on three examples of colleges that have used a host of innovative, promising strategies to support adult students.  

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    Start Date: 10/26/2018
    End Date: 10/26/2018
    Time: 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM ET

    Join the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Apprenticeship (OA) in the first of our new series of Apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office Hours webinars for apprenticeship sponsors to enhance their implementation of the Apprenticeship EEO Regulations.

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Archived Past Events

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    Start Date: 10/17/2018
    End Date: 10/17/2018
    Time: 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM ET

    Join BroadbandUSA for an overview of federal funding options to support increasing broadband access in communities across the United States. Learn about recent program and policy updates from officials representing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA).

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    Start Date: 10/11/2018
    End Date: 10/11/2018
    Time: 3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM ET

    In response to industry demands for more innovative workforce training solutions, the US Department of Labor in partnership with industry is launching a new apprenticeship model – Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs).  This webinar will provide information for organizations interested in learning more about IRAPs.

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    Start Date: 10/10/2018
    End Date: 10/10/2018
    Time: 4:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM ET

    How do higher education students and workforce system participants increase academic achievement to accelerate completion?  Authentic Assessment, Employer Based Curricula Development, and Credit for Prior Learning, among many other promising strategies!  Learn from expertise of project directors who managed complex and comprehensive programs.  The SkillsCommons Field Guide of TAACCCT Innovations provides practical advice and strategies ready to be implemented.

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    Start Date: 10/4/2018
    End Date: 10/4/2018
    Time: 2:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM ET

    Are you working with businesses to expand the use of apprenticeship as a work-based learning strategy?  Are you casting a wide net with your business outreach and seeking a more focused approach that can yield a higher number of successful business/apprenticeship partnerships?  If so, this webinar and its companion web chat on October 9th are for you! 

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    Start Date: 10/3/2018
    End Date: 10/3/2018
    Time: 1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM ET

    Requirements for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Eligible Training Provider (ETP) performance reporting became effective beginning Program Year 2018 (July 1, 2018).  Part I of this overview discussed requirements and tools for reporting. In this second webinar on ETP performance reporting, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) staff will focus on the technical components and answer questions about ETP performance reporting not addressed in Part I.

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