Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, sponsors of Registered Apprenticeship programs have the opportunity to be included on state Eligible Training Provider Lists (ETPL). This new provision paves the way for closer collaboration among the workforce and apprenticeship systems, and expanded training opportunities for workers. Now there's a suite of resources to help you and your partners access WIOA-related resources and support, including information on how to join the ETPL list.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) promotes apprenticeship as a proven work-based learning strategy that provides career pathways for workers and skilled workers for businesses.  One significant change in WIOA is the opportunity for sponsors of apprenticeship programs to join the list of training providers in each state – called the Eligible Training Provider (ETP) List.  Businesses and other sponsors of apprenticeship programs are automatically eligible to be on the ETP List, as long as the program is registered with a state apprenticeship agency or the U.S. Department of Labor.

Why is this change important?  The state ETP List identifies the training programs on which workforce funds can be spent.  Including Registered Apprenticeship sponsors on state ETP Lists expands job seeker awareness of apprenticeship as a valuable training option, provides additional marketing opportunities for apprenticeship programs, and allows workforce programs to directly support apprentices and apprenticeship sponsors.  Collectively, these benefits can promote the development of new relationships among employers and workforce and education systems in support of regional talent pipelines.

What resources are available?  The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship just released new materials for the public workforce system and Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors on the inclusion of apprenticeship program sponsors on the ETP List.  These resources include:

  •   Details on the process and how to develop a win-win approach 
  •   Information on partnering with state apprenticeship offices 
  •   A fact sheet to help workforce systems market this opportunity to apprenticeship sponsors

You may also want to review the Department of Labor’s guidance, Training and Employment Guidance Letter WIOA No. 41-14, which provides information on training provider eligibility transition and inclusion of Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors on the ETP list.

Ready to learn more?  These resources can be found in the Implement Section of the ApprenticeshipUSA Toolkit