The Apprenticeship Community is an online resource for stakeholders from throughout the Apprenticeship system and its partners to share information and learn from your peers regarding the innovative strategies and partnerships being used to train U.S. workers. Apprenticeship is a key component of our nation’s efforts to prepare American workers for successful, sustainable careers. This Community of Practice covers all things Apprenticeship in industries ranging from the traditional, such as Construction and Manufacturing, to non-traditional industries using the “earn while you learn” model to train workers, including Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Transportation, and other growing industries. This online community is dedicated to 21st Century Registered Apprenticeship and its members and partners sharing one goal — developing and maintaining a strong training model for all industries in need of skilled workers and for all workers and job seekers needing a leg up to a better life and long-term career.

This Community offers an easy way to find Apprenticeship resources, to speak to your peers nationwide, to access relevant training to support your efforts, and to stay engaged in the Apprenticeship community. Our success is dependent on you. To reach our goal, we need all  Apprenticeship stakeholders to join in the discussion and make it your community.

We hope you make this your go-to resource to share information and learn from your peers on all things Apprenticeship. We will continue to find ways to make it a valuable resource for you and hope to make it a robust site that helps build an Apprenticeship Community that has something to offer for all of our stakeholders.

How do I get started? Great question. We recommend starting on our Homepage where you will find access to regularly updated blogs, videos, recent Apprenticeship news items and much more. If you are looking for something specific, try our Resources Page, where you can search by keyword, by resource Topic, or by resource Type.

Thanks for joining us in our efforts to use Apprenticeship as one of the premier ways to ensure that American workers remain the best trained and most highly skilled workforce in the world.